Bench of tuner to control of load (braked) for quad, motor bike and scooter.
Equip with series with a brake controlled by computer, this bench allows to carry out inertial tests as well (control of power),
fault finding thanks to the simulation of road,
and engine tuning
Useless to run on road to control a motor bike!
You work in full safety in your workshop.
Possibility of running from the quads, motor bikes and scooters
Automatic fixing motor bike and scooter (more details)
Brake controlled with evacuation of the hot air
The presence of the brake of load controlled makes all the difference between an inertial bench “traditional” and a braked bench. Loading of the motor bike on the bench simulates that of the road automatically. This “setting in real conditions” makes it possible to multiply by ten control and the diagnosis.
Comfortably, to the workshop, you roll without circulation nor radars, noise of the wind, deformations of roadway… In a “clean” environment also, any abnormal operation of the motor bike becomes obvious.
Roller with strong inertia
detection of an oil increase during the periods of driving brake (the strong inertia of the roller allows that). The mouths of extraction are at a small distance from the exit of the pots, which makes it possible the operator to see a possible blue smoke.
Extraction of exhaust gaz integrated
Mobile consoles of cooling high-speed (4 centrifugal, 4.4 KW in all)
Lift ramp acting as protection (directing CE 98/37).