Bench POWERFULL is a bench especially designed for the motor bikes of all capacities.
The presence of the brake of load controlled makes all the difference between an inertial bench “traditional” and a loaded bench.
It is the essential element in the advanced diagnosis of the motor bike and for the modification of the MAP of the cases of injection.
The brake of endurance makes it possible to put the motor bike in load and to carry out tests in static mode (stabilization of the mode or speed), or in dynamic mode (simulation of slopes and aerodynamic resistance, test in constant load);
These functions are strongly advised for:
- Gas Analysis
- Adjustments map of injection
- Simulations of road…

The functions of the brake are controlled by the software MI Bike.
A cool channel of the brake by extraction of the hot air is envisaged in series.
Automatic fixing motor bike and scooter.

Brake controlled with evacuation of the hot air

Roller with strong inertia, detection of an oil increase during the periods of driving brake (the strong inertia of the roller allows that). The mouths of extraction are at a small distance from the exit of the pots, which makes it possible the operator to see a possible blue smoke.
Extraction of exhaust gaz integrated.

Mobile consoles of cooling high-speed (4 centrifugal, 4.4 KW in all).

Hinged approach ramp acting as protection (directing CE 98/37).

Touchscreen. All orders of the software of the end of the fingers.