Car dynamometer -R.A.C.E. - Racing Auto Control Equipment
Our benches are characterized by their compactness, their facility of use and their affordable price.
Of course, they are provided with the software MI AUTO, developed starting from the assets of famous the MI BIKE, which equips with many dynos.
Thus, the various laws ofroad make it possible to adapt the dynamic behavior of the bench to the type of the work carried out on the engine, that this last are of gasoline type, turbo gasoline and diesel turbo.
Reproducing the constraints of the road and having the devices of very last thing measurement, this tool is intended to the professionals who want to optimize the performances engine in a rigorous way, thus supporting their credibility near the customers.
Entirely flexible: inertial, loaded, two wheels, four wheels with synchronization, our system adapts to all the requests, its compactness enabling him to place itself in places up to now inaccessible to this type of material.
This apparatus is in conformity with the directive machine EC2006/42, as the law requires it (see the details).

The dynos are flexible: one 2 wheels can migrate towards one 4 wheels. Inertial towards loaded, etc the benches are customizable to be integrated perfectly in your room. Even the color can answer your wish!
With a price with less than 16500 euros we supply you a material of quality.
All our rollers knurled (machining in the mass allowing an effective grip in time), are balanced dynamically, and chrome hard (resistance in time).
All our technical solutions are noble and mechanically reliable to increase the precision and the duration in time.
From 16500 €