Evolutionary system of measurement
Our system of measurement adapts on all the benches.
It includes/understands a plant for sensor (H.S.I.) and a acquisition card.
The whole is managed by a software dedicated and created by MI SYSTEMS.
Our system as well manages the benches on simple measurement with the roller as the benches more advanced on double measurement.
Easy to install on existing benches, it will transform your “old” bench into a bench last generation.
You will be able, thanks to this system, to reach the precision which makes the reputation of benches FUCHS, MI SYSTEMS and MAROLOTEST.
H.S.I. (Hight Speed Interface)
The H.S.I. is an interface sensor especially designed for the benches.
Provided with multiple inputs outputs, it can acquire numeric signals or analogical but also control analogical and numerical outputs. (see characteristic)
Thought for the benches motor bike in the beginning, the system can be install on car dyno or other.
- 6 numerical inputs (roller, wheel, grip with induction, grip reel,…)
- 4 digital outputs (blower, extraction,…)
- Automatic Weather station
- 10 analogical inputs (Lambda, temperature, pressure)
- Conditioner lambda integrated (option)
- 2 meters 32 bits with 80 MHz (resolution of 12,5ns)