The MI WIDE is a tool for the professionals who want to optimize their engine.
Entirely controlled by a calculator, this module makes it possible to know the ratio air/fuel of the vehicle into instantaneous and acquisition.
Thanks to a probe lambda with wide band, the wide reading AFR goes from 10 to 20.
This wideband allow to know the richness, even in extreme cases. Nothing to see with the cheap probes all or anything which one can find on the Net.
This measuring device is of high degree of accuracy.
Synchronization with your bench of test is without shift because the data are directly sent by bus PCI thanks to our H.S.I.
- Wideof range of measurement, lambda of 0.65 ~ inf
- Management of the probe by calculator (heating, current of pumping, resistance intern) - Car calibration of the probe
- Fast Reaction from the modifications of exhaust gaz
- Provided with a kit of extraction respecting gas flows and 4 meters of extension