This software, entirely carried out by MI SYSTEMS, makes it possible to supervise your bench car.
Quite as accurante as MI Bike (reference in the bench motor bike) MI AUTO is made partly by technicians for technicians!
It is able to manage the benches on simple measurement or double measurement.
Inertial or partially braked test (diesel turbo engine), MI AUTO will produce the professional results to you until you wait.
Adjustment of injection
Control power
Optimization engine
Helps with the diagnosis
Control geometry
Diagnoses by gas analysis
Adjustment additional cases
Performance and precision
MI Bike is able to calculate the power engine of your vehicles with a high degree of accuracy.
Inertia engine, inertia coils wheel, driving output, output limps, loss of friction, slip. it is able of all to calculate you for you give a real power engine!
Nothing to see with a software who calculates the power with the roller and adds a magic coefficient!!
Facility of use
An on line help
A  system of diagnosis
Some simplified functions
A tutorial of formation.
For the dealers:
A getting started very fast, with MI AUTO you will make a test of power in less than 3 minutes!
If you have a system lambda it will make you a curve of carburation at the same time.
No need to be a data processing specialist!
For the TUNERS:
Simulation of road, regulation by mitigating, synchronization of measurements, MI AUTO is done to simplify your work.
For the teachers:
Driving diagnosis before and after intervention
Diagnosis of break sensor
Explanations of the torque and the power
Simulation of breakdown
Modification of the map (rich or lean)
Modification of the advance
Examples of fonctionnalities:
Instant power on rolling graph

Simulation of road

Posting of instant carburation

Summary of controls on the same sheet

3 curves of power, the roller to the crankshaft

An easy to use manager of test

All the tests are arranged according to the mark and the cubic capacity of the motor bike.

The software uses the functions Windows to explore to post the classification of the tests

Lambda system with wide band

Management of the extraction of exhaust gaz

Visualization of the results instant

Visual assistance with the diagnosis

Programming of the additional boxes