This Kit can to see the opening on your screen.
It is easier to you to regulate your vehicle knowing its position of opening.
Very practical for the cartographies and the analyzes of gas.
Engine acquisition kit
This Kit makes it possible to acquire the rpm directly on engine.
It includes:
- a grip with induction
- a grip winds
- an adapter coil pencil
- a peak wire
Kit acquisition multi-sensors
This kit includes a conditioner card and inputs for sensors.
It is possible to choose its sensors to measure.
Pressure, flow, temperature, ratio air/fuel,…
The data will be synchronized on the software with other acquisitions.
Air flow blower
In the realization of a test, the ventilation of the vehicle is paramount for several reasons:
- An insufficient cooling can involve an overheating of the irreversible engine even its breakage, a cooling badly distributed can make overheat the line of exhaust and damage the accessories (careenage inter alia) located in the vicinity.
- A controlled cooling ensures on the one hand an operation of the engine close to that met on the road, which will return the adjustments on bench répétables of road use, and on the other hand a repeatability of measurements.
This single system of ventilation, assembled in series on the PowerFull benches of MAROLOTEST, is able to output up to 13.000 m3/h at a speed of 130 km/h.
It offers offer several possibilities:
- Manual or automatic Release
- Directional outlet to support the cooling of such or such body according to the vehicles (engine, line of exhaust, tire postpone…)
- The ventilation systems are mobile in order to ensure an
optimum positioning to facilitate the access and to improve the performances.