Welcome on the web site of MI SYSTEMS - FUCHS.
MI Systems is a new concept : independent research department AND manufacturer with associated French industrial partners.
Engineer, originator, inventor: varied origins, the team shares the experiments of each one in a collegial work turned towards the innovation. She already has several exclusive licenses of patents.
Fields of competence: measure, mechanical motor bike, data processing, electronics, aerodynamics, general mechanics, sound-proofing.
New car dynamometer:from 16500€ Link
Do it yourself and reduce the cost !Link
Install a new measurement systems on a old dyno!Link
New SAFE automatic fixing systems - The solution for the stability !
New synchronization with a reliable driveshaft connection between the front and rear roll.
You have a project, we can help you in the building !
Example of a car with only 2 WD and 1400 HP on the dyno !
Video Link